That motel in Los Alamos you’ve passed by for years has a whole new look

Posted at 9:12 AM, May 08, 2018

Whether you’re heading north or south on Highway 101 through Los Alamos, you’ve likely noticed the yellow motel sign at the top of the hill but you’ve probably never driven up there to see what it looks like.

The new Skyview Motel that’s paying tribute to Los Alamos might surprise you.

Built in 1959, the now-named Skyview Los Alamos is a 33-room boutique motel that sits on five acres. Kimberly Walker, the motel’s co-owner and owner of The Granada in San Luis Obispo, says the motel wasn’t fully operating as a motel prior to purchasing it. In the past, even she questioned what the motel was, never driving to the top of the hill to see for herself.

“We had driven past here for years and always questioned what it was. We always saw the motel sign going, ‘oh, what is that on the hill?’” Walker said.

Bob Oswaks, who owns Bob’s Well Bread Bakery down the road, says he has memories passing by the motel and thinking it was on the creepy side.

“You know, a little bit on the creepy side. A little ‘Psycho’-ish,” Oswaks said.

The new owners have paid tribute to that myth by naming the on-site restaurant "Norman." The restaurant features classic eats like hamburgers, a ribeye, and a twist on a classic, a bourbon milkshake. The property is also home to a working two-acre vineyard that will eventually be harvested and bottled to be served as the house wine. The swimming pool that’s always been there is now fully restored and decked with poolside lounge chairs. The charming flair that makes this motel a classic still remains. 

As for the rooms, they start at about $179 with four different sizes from Cozy to the Junior Suite.

“It’s very western, rustic, and you’ll find those elements as well throughout the property,” Walker said.

Some of those rooms have fire pits and outdoor showers and a view of the rolling hills.

“It’s five acres on a hillside overlooking wine country. You just don’t find things like that anymore,” Walker said.

Soon, this hidden gem will be completely uncovered by locals and tourists.

“As the word gets out, it’s not only going to bring more and more people to the town," Oswaks said. “But it’s probably going to be one of these places you’ll have to book a year in advance.”

The motel is open and accepting reservations. Click here for more info.