Students report string of burglaries near Cal Poly

Posted at 10:31 PM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 01:31:18-04

Most students would tell you a backpack and laptop are your top tools. Several Cal Poly students had theirs stolen Sunday night during a string of burglaries in the north end of San Luis Obispo.

"On Sunday, we had a couple roommates who couldn’t find their stuff. Their laptops were missing, one of my roommates’ backpack was missing and two wallets were gone," said Caroline Gerlach, a Cal Poly student who lives on Hathway Ave.

The young women weren’t home at the time and may have left the door unlocked.

"They had to urgently get new laptops because we’re in the middle of midterms right now, so that was an urgent issue. All of us are low on money, we’re college kids," Gerlach said.

After reporting the thefts to police, they found out they weren’t alone. Police say several homes were burglarized Sunday night.

Just a few doors down, the same thing happened to Grant Powers and his roommates a few months back. Their laptops and backpacks were swiped from their living room as they slept.

"I think he just walked through the front door. We didn’t lock our doors that night so I think he looked into the window, saw our backpacks and just walked right in," Powers said.

Students say they’ve learned a lesson.

"It really taught us to keep our doors locked now that we know those things are happening," Gerlach says.

San Luis Obispo police say there is a person of interest in the burglaries. If you know anything about the thefts, you’re asked to call detectives at (805) 594-8028.