Beloved dinosaur mascot goes missing from Lompoc business

Posted at 5:27 PM, May 23, 2018

Have you seen Rex? (Courtesy: Jamie Cummings)

Workers at a Lompoc business say someone swiped their pet T. rex.

"Rex" is a metal sculpture that stands three-and-a-half feet tall. He was perched dozens of feet up on a pallet rack at Valley Rock, a landscape and gardening supply business near the old drive-in movie theater.

The little dino was visible from Highway 1/H St.

"A lot of kids enjoy seeing him on their bus rides to school," said Jamie Cummings, daughter of Valley Rock owner Mike Cummings. "We put bunny ears on him for Easter, Santa hats for Christmas. He’s just kind of a landmark around town."

That is until Monday night.

A pallet rack stands Rex-less at Valley Rock. Their T. rex mascot normally stands on top. (Courtesy: Jamie Cummings)

"Hey all. Arrived at work today and someone has stolen our dinosaur!!" employee Trevor Hansen wrote Tuesday on the Lompoc Valley Forum Facebook page. "If anyone has any information about the theft of Valley Rock’s pet T-rex contact the store at 805-736-0841. All tips will remain anonymous. Rex is roughly three and a half feet tall and may still be wearing his favorite chain and lock necklace."

Hansen’s post about Valley Rock’s missing mascot drew hundreds of reactions and comments.

"I don’t know who would steal him. He was bolted down, too," Jamie said. "We want him welcoming people back into town."

The Valley Rock crew wants Rex returned. They say he is irreplaceable, loved and missed. Jamie said they may possibly offer a reward.

Valley Rock is located at 2222 H. St. in Lompoc and can be reached at (805) 736-0841.