Tour of new Cal Poly residence halls

Posted at 7:27 AM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 10:27:35-04

Nearly 1,500 Cal Poly freshman are expected to have a new residence hall to move into for the next school year.

KSBY toured the buildings to see how progress is being made with construction and to see if they will be finished in time.

The names of the buildings aren’t easy to pronounce and even harder to spell.

"The university housing and the campus has been working with the yak?ityutyu," said director of facility operations for university housing Scott Bloom.

Each building is named after a central coast region and animal in a Northern Chumash dialect.

The names and artwork look ready, though the rooms do not look ready.

"In the building that’s furthest along that we’ve seen the construction is at a fit and finished stage, we install carpet, ceiling tiles, bringing in those finished items and making it look clean and neat," said Bloom.

The buildings that are closest to being finished show spacious all-gender community bathrooms with private showers and stalls.

The rooms come with a view and about 120 square feet of space.

"I think the construction type allows it to look larger than it is, the floor space is actually the same as what we have in our other facilities," said Bloom.

The amenities are unlike any other, including large community spaces and study rooms, elevators and laundry rooms with a unique addition.

"Each laundry room has a wetsuit washout bin as well as a sand separator, then we also have a locking door for drying those wetsuits in a secure location," said Bloom.

Outside, there are sand volleyball and basketball courts, a barbeque area and a bicycle storage area soon to be ready for freshmen class of 2019.

The university housing department expects to have completed inspections and a letter of occupancy by August 15th.

Move-in day is a month later, September 15th.