Report: Fire, safety issues found in CMC facility

Posted at 11:44 AM, May 26, 2018

A county grand jury report raised issues about safety at the California’s Men’s Colony this week. 

The prison is separated into a high-security area (the west facility) and a lower-security area (the east facility). The higher-security side is where inmates are locked in cells and generally controlled most of the day. 

As required by law, CMC goes through an annual inspection. This year, the grand jury found deficiencies says it’s concerned about fire and safety standards in the higher-security area, which has aging buildings. 

"The staff and inmates are aware of this hazard and take appropriate precautions," the report said. 

However, the grand jury did not make any recommendations on changes that need to be made. 

The report also mentioned positive findings, such as adequate incentives for prisoners to participate in programming classes and sessions; sufficient time for programs to be effective prior to prisoner eligibility for release; and a new kitchen is under construction in the west facility.