One week left: New area code pushes mandatory 10-digit dial in effect June 2

Posted at 10:44 AM, May 27, 2018

The new area code went into effect December 2017, but the mandatory 10-digit dial begins this week. 

Central Coast residents had about six months to practice dialing with the area code, but soon it won’t be an option. 

After June 2, if residents try dialing a local landline or their neighbor without dialing 1 + the area code first, the call won’t go through. 

The new area code, 820, isn’t replacing 805 and won’t change any current phone numbers with 805 area codes. The new area code will only be applied to brand-new numbers established in the area. 

The 805 area code started in June 1957 and has split twice in the past – to area codes of 213 and 661.