Car enthusiasts flood Pismo Beach for The Classic

Posted at 7:54 PM, Jun 02, 2018

These classics may one day never see the sun, but for now, The Classic at Pismo Beach gives these cars a chance to show off.

Enthusiasts flooded the streets of Pismo Beach for the 33rd year of the appreciation of engineering and nostalgia.

Parking was at a premium with the number of unique cars from different eras on display.

For Matt Brown, who drove his father’s 1956 Jaguar to the event, he foresees a day that gatherings like the The Classic won’t exist. 

"Seeing all these classic cars in one place and just seeing some of these cars, it’s rare to see them," he said. "They’re getting more and more expensive, people tend not to drive them anymore, they end up in museums, so this is, I think, a thing that will eventually go the way of the dodo."

You still have a chance to view history as The Classic continues through Sunday.