Runners take their mark at memorial run that honors Arroyo Grande graduate

Posted at 2:56 PM, Jun 03, 2018

Hundreds of runners laced up their sneakers Sunday to support local scholarships in Arroyo Grande through the annual Marianne Talley Memorial Fun Run.

The Talley Foundation gives out hundreds of thousands of dollars to help local students attend college.

The family started the run as a way to memorialize Marianne, an Arroyo Grande High School graduate who passed away in 1993.

The run was started by Brian Talley after his sister passed away suddenly back in 1993.

The family says the scholarship is a great way to celebrate her life and on Sunday, community members came out to participate in a 1-mile, 5K and 10K on the race’s 25th year.

"Just knowing in the end once I graduate that the Talley family helped me get through that and get into my future career is awesome," said Emily Sonny, a scholarship recipient.

"It’s really important to our community, getting everyone together. for the students especially at AG, ones that will be coming in the future, it’s just awesome to have them out there," said Brayden Pinkerton, another scholarship participant.

All of the money raised at the fun run goes straight back to local students.

The Talley family said they’ve raised $300,000 dollars and helped 55 scholars head to college since the foundation started.