Central Coast Comedy Theater will opens doors to a new home in San Luis Obispo

Posted at 10:17 PM, Jun 06, 2018

Funny will soon find a home in San Luis Obispo.

The improve comedy troupe Central Coast Comedy Theater will open its doors by the end of the summer in downtown at a yet-to-be-announced location.

Sabrina Pratt founded CCCT two years ago and currently the nomadic group performs in venues around the region.

Pratt wants a hub that would be a space for more than just improv, but an artistic center that can be a place for all ages.

"I love doing this and I wanted to offer it to other people looking for an outlet in expression like this. And the need in the area became evident very quickly. The classes fill up very fast and there is desire to have more," Pratt said. "I just want to add to the performing arts community. I love it. It’s a passion of mine and I see opportunity for it in this area."

The permanent home would offer family-friendly shows and also help grow the talents of those wanting to try improv.

Plans include a training center, offering multi-level classes in a variety of performance areas including improvisation.

She and the troupe have received some financial help. The GoFundMe page has raised more than $2,200 to assist in the move.

Pratt hopes more people will see the goal as a way to benefit the tourism industry with a place for comedians and acts to perform.

You can learn more about the project on the GoFundMe page by clicking here.