Madonna Inn’s famous pink cake loses its color due to FDA regulation

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jun 06, 2018

It’s out with the pink and in with the white chocolate at the Madonna Inn. The Copper Cafe’s Pink Champagne Cake is looking a little less colorful these days. 

Guests are greeted with the color pink everywhere at the Madonna Inn, but the famous Pink Champagne Cake is now a blank white.

"Usually people come in here and you know, they are sitting in the pink booth and they want to have that pink cake and that pink drink. It’s definitely one of our best sellers," said Amanda Rich, Madonna Inn’s Artistic Director.

The inn’s chocolate supplier, Guittard, is experiencing a pink chocolate shortage due to FDA regulations on red food coloring. 

"Yeah, I thought that I had ordered the wrong cake, it’s not pink," said Natalie Nuyen, a guest at the cafe. 

Instead, the pink shavings are replaced by white chocolate. 

"I think a lot of people are bummed because people associate Madonna Inn, which is like the pink place, with our pink champagne cake," added Rich. 

While the cake may look different, it still tastes the same. 

"People are still getting the same cake, the same flavor, those same great curls, it just isn’t pink," Rich said. 

Guittard is working with the Madonna Inn to find an alternative and promised the cafe that they will eventually bring back the pink chocolate.