Paso Robles police sergeant on leave, accused of crime

Posted at 10:21 AM, Jun 19, 2018

A Paso Robles police sergeant is on leave, accused of committing what the department describes as "a serious criminal act."

Commander Ty Lewis, who will step into the role of chief next month, says Sgt. Christopher McGuire was placed on leave May 9 after the allegations surfaced. He says he is unable to provide specifics on what they include, citing the ongoing investigation. 

Lewis says once he became aware of the allegations, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office were notified immediately, adding, "We have been fully cooperating with these outside agencies as the(y) thoroughly investigate this matter."

KSBY reached out to the sheriff’s office for comment but has not yet heard back. The DA’s Office said Tuesday it was not involved in reviewing a case against McGuire.

"I want every community member to know that despite the serious allegations against this particular employee, the men and women of the PRPD are dedicated and ethical public servants. Our officers honorably wear our badge and stand ready to protect and serve our fine community every day," Lewis told KSBY.  "We are committed to uncovering the truth, whatever that may be, and taking appropriate action based on that information." 

Lewis says the department plans to conduct its own investigation through an independent investigator.

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