Central Coast Living: SLO Blues baseball season in full swing

Posted at 11:03 AM, Jun 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-21 14:03:02-04

America’s favorite past-time is a San Luis Obispo tradition. 

Crowds fill Sinsheimer Stadium to watch their hometown team step up the plate each summer through July. 

"We draw almost 1,000 people per night and we get them from all over," said SLO Blues general manager Adam Stowe. "From Paso Robles through Five Cities – it’s wonderful to come out, provide affordable family entertainment." 

The SLO Blues weren’t always known as the "Blues." 

"The team was founded in 1946 by a bunch of gentlemen coming home from World War II that wanted to continue playing baseball," Stowe said. "[The team] was originally called the Merchants. San Luis wanted to portray a thriving metropolis of business activity." 

A local newspaper sports reporter renamed the team for their blue socks and lettering. 

The summer collegiate team now serves as a launching pad for college ballplayers. 

"This is a little bit like training for the minor league system and we really want them to know what it will be like when they get out there and want to try this for a living," he said. 

Blues baseball is also committed to providing a great experience for the fans. 

"We sort of try to set it up like a moving backyard barbecue that happens to have a baseball game going on," Stowe said. "You don’t have to be a baseball fan to come and enjoy." 

There are plenty of activities and games just for kids. Plus, great drinks for the adults. 

"When the Blues score, you do score," Stowe said. "For the rest of that half inning, we have $3 Miller Lights and $3 glasses of wine from Liberty School and that tends to be a crowd favorite."

On top of that, the Blues put on three fireworks shows throughout the season. 

"It’s fun to just put on a good show and do something great for the town." 

The first fireworks show of the season will happen after Friday night’s game. 

Regular game tickets are $8 and kids under 12-years-old get in for free. 

Click here for a full game schedule