Cuesta College unveils plans for $30 million facility at North County campus

Posted at 10:43 PM, Jun 21, 2018

Cuesta College is unveiling a new, multi-use facility at its North County campus.
Officials held a ribbon cutting at the Paso Robles campus for a new 43,000 square-foot structure that they say will become a new center for student life.

It will house a veterans center, cafeteria, counseling center, health center and more.

The project is funded by Measure l and will cost more than $30 million.

"It means such a beautiful place for our community and for our students that are coming to get their education, giving them a very different sense of what it means to be at a college campus," Campus Dean Maria Escobedo said.

She added one of the best features of the new structure is a grand set of windows that looks out to the surrounding landscape, showing students that Paso Robles is a beautiful place to learn.