Bill moves to make Daylight Saving Time year-round

Posted at 5:38 PM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 20:38:10-04

A bill that aims to make Daylight Saving Time year-round has moved forward in the California legislature. It now needs Governor Jerry Brown’s signature before it would go to California voters.

The measure would ask voters to repeal a 70-year-old tradition of changing our clocks twice a year. The bill’s creator says the practice is outdated and a detriment to public health.

Some residents love the idea of extra sunshine.

"With Daylight Saving Time, it just brings you out. It’s great for business, it’s great for yourself, it’s very therapeutic, I love it," said Donna Silacci, a San Luis Obispo resident.

It’s widely thought that Daylight Saving Time was created to give farmers an extra hour of sunlight, but that’s a myth.

Local farmer Angela Schultz, with Moon Phase Farmers, says she’d actually prefer staying on Standard Time year-round.

"Having more hours in the morning, it’s the cooler hours, so that’s the best time to work," Schultz said.

Either way, she’ll rise with the sun.

"As far as working out on the farm, we’d rather just have consistency," Schultz added.

Originally, Daylight Saving Time was designed to save energy. The Energy Department estimates the extra four weeks of Daylight Saving saved about 0.5 percent in total electricity per day in 2008, which adds up to electricity savings of 1.3 billion kilowatt-hours.

If Gov. Brown signs the bill before June 28, the question could be on the November ballot.

If he signs it after that date, it would go to voters in fall of 2020.

If voters do approve the measure, the issue would go back to lawmakers. It would require a new bill and approval by two-thirds of both houses in the legislature.