Officials: Beware of hot playground equipment during SLO County’s hot days

Posted at 7:23 PM, Jun 22, 2018

When temperatures hit 100 degrees on the thermometer, like in Paso Robles Friday, officials said the heat on the playground equipment can be hot enough to seriously burn children.

"We have had, over the years, those issues on all kinds of different materials on playground equipment," said Paso Robles Fire Battalion Chief Scott Hallett.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warned that playground equipment, even plastic slides and swings, can reach dangerous temperatures, some searing unsuspecting children at over 140 degrees.

"These last couple days have certainly been warm," said Hallett. "We’ve seen an increase in fire activity with the warm temps and drier conditions, as well as heat related illnesses."

But city Parks and Rec officials said a series of shades at all but one of the city parks help cool off playground equipment.

"At least part of the day, equipment is shaded," said Paso Robles Maintenance Services Superintendent Freda Berman. "In fact, the one park we have without a shade structure, city council just this past Tuesday allocated funds to retrofit that park with shade structures."

The shades are now a standard for any new park, according to Berman.

Even still, Berman wanted to remind parent to exercise caution.

"Notice which pieces of equipment are in the sun and do a quick touch test before you let our child on equipment," said Berman.