Second fatality in two weeks at Sequoia National Park

Posted at 2:16 PM, Jun 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-23 17:16:05-04

A 22-year-old man’s body was found in the Sequoia National Park, making it the second fatality in two weeks. 

Park officials say when a 5-year-old boy slipped into a river near the entrance to the park, an unidentified man jumped in to help, along with three bystanders. 

The boy’s parents and bystanders were able to help him out of the water, but the 22-year-old did not survive after jumping in the river. 

Officials say it took rescuers about two hours to retrieve his body. 

The boy was given CPR and taken to a hospital in the area. 

This is the second river fatality in two weeks to happen, and officials say the incident was similar to the prior death and was in the same location. 

"The issue is not people trying to swim. People and children fall and slip into the river, and family members jump in after them to try to save them," said Sequoia District Ranger Dave Fox. "In both cases, the family members who jumped in after the children did not survive. The rocks are super slick on the river’s edge, and people should avoid getting close to the water. Please enjoy the river from a safe distance and away from the slippery rocks."