Youth introduced to cyber-security job options in California challenge

Posted at 9:02 PM, Jun 24, 2018

The minds of local teenagers were engaged on Sunday during the statewide Cyber Innovation Challenge in San Luis Obispo. 

Students displayed their expertise in a competition at the California Cyber Institute at Camp San Luis Obispo. 

The challenge was meant to introduce students to cyber-security as future education and job options. 

"I also cybersecurity is negatively impacted by the fact that there aren’t enough people to communicate the dangers of cybersecurity so that’s why we are emphasizing these presentations," said John Oliver, the faculty coordinator. 

"It’s an area that really needs professionals," said Cassiey Elwell. "Especially all over public private sector everywhere."

Many of the organizers and students said not only was it an educational event, but it was fun too.