Nipomo groundwater severely low for fourth straight year

Posted at 6:59 PM, Jun 28, 2018

A new report shows the Nipomo Mesa is still struggling with its groundwater supply. The community services district will take a closer look at how it manages Nipomo’s water.

The District Board of Directors declared a Stage 4 water shortage two years ago and the manager says they are on track to meet their reduction of groundwater usage but might have to look ahead to Stage 5 in the future.

A Stage 5 declaration would come after several years of a severe water shortage or if the coastal wells experience seawater intrusion. This could lead to more conservation requirements.

Some people are now even relying on outside water resources.

"We’ve had customers who have had difficulties with their wells and asked to connect. We were unable to and they have had to truck water in from outside of the district, " said Nipomo Community Services District Board of Directors Manager Mario Iglesias.

Other people have said they are unable to build on their property because they cannot get permits.

While Nipomo already gets some of its water from Santa Maria, the community services district is looking to bring in more.

"The Nipomo Supplemental Water Project is being constructed now and currently imports approximately 950 acre feet of water per year," added Iglesias.

The board meets on July 25 to look at the water management plan and is encouraging the community’s input.