The climate is just right for Cambria’s only estate winery

Posted at 4:13 PM, Jun 28, 2018

Stolo Family Vineyards prides itself on being much different in taste and experience than the rest of the Central Coast.
It’s the only estate winery in Cambria. The winemaker says the proximity to the coast makes it unique.
"We’re so coastal you can feel the ocean breeze right now. We get the sunshine in the afternoon, the fog in the morning and the evening. The fog, you can see, it’s hanging on the coast but we get the sunshine in the afternoon which helps with the grape growing. But it’s still keeping the climate really cool for growing Pinot and Gewürztraminer and some of these grapes that do better in a cool climate," said winemaker Nicole Bertotti Pope.
The vines were planted 20 years ago and what was once an old dairy farm, is now a winery that’s kid and dog-friendly.
Guests think it’s the perfect place to avoid a hot summer day.
"It’s a windy road coming up and suddenly it’s beautiful. You have the trees and the vines. You walk in and it smells fantastic, that was the first thing we noticed. And then it’s just these beautiful, young people running the place," said Dana Hutchison, visiting from Torrance.
Expect families to be dancing in the meadow to the Belmores performing this Saturday.