Marijuana dispensaries slash prices ahead of new regulations

Posted at 5:24 PM, Jun 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-29 20:24:41-04

Some California marijuana shops are slashing prices ahead of new testing rules set to take effect this Sunday, July 1.

While it means deep discounts for consumers over the next couple of days, it also means safer products down the road.

Cannabis consumers like Sascha Collins are stocking up on certain products while they can.

"I mean the deals. You can’t beat ’em," said Collins. "I mean, I’m looking at stuff over here that’s extra cheap compared to where I’m coming from." 

All retailers have until July 1 to get rid of any cannabis products that do not meet strict quality and safety standards.

"This is probably the most pivotal time in the industry as far as meeting compliance with the state’s regulations," said Daniel Fried, general manager of 805 Beach Breaks in Grover Beach.

Packaging will have to include how potent products are, where they came from and any added ingredients. To avoid empty shelves on July 1, Fried has set aside goods already meeting the standards for testing and packaging.

"All of the edibles have to be in a childproof opaque packaging, meaning you can not see through the actual packaging, and it has to be childproof," Fried explained.

Everything must be tested for pesticides and contaminants like heavy metals and mold. Results must be posted or it cannot be sold in the store.

"The state is basically stating that we are not allowed to send back any of the product to the distributor and we have to comply by damaging out all of the goods and that’s why we have great sales going on this weekend," Fried said.

Though a hurdle for the industry, consumers like Collins say it makes all the difference when paying the dispensary another visit.

"I’m just really glad that there’s a collective out there that is being as compliant and is really following all regulations," Collins concluded.

Cannabis businesses were given a six-month notice of the standards. 805 Beach Breaks says it was an adequate time frame.

In mid-July, 805 Beach Breaks will become a recreational marijuana dispensary as well, so those 21 and up will be able to come by without a medical recommendation.

Grover Beach’s second marijuana dispensary will open next Tuesday.