Paso Robles wolf rescue CEO injured in animal attack

Posted at 3:15 PM, Jun 29, 2018

The CEO of WHAR Wolf Rescue in Paso Robles is recovering from injuries she sustained in an animal attack at the facility last week.

San Luis Obispo County Health Agency Director Michael Hill, who oversees county animal services, says the attack happened Friday, June 22, by a wolf-dog hybrid.

Hill says a staff member was feeding or working with the animal at the time and that other workers at the facility were able to remove the injured person from the animal’s habitat and seek help. 

Hill says it was determined the animal involved in the attack should be euthanized, adding that they had been told that particular wolf-dog was said to be difficult to work with prior to the incident. 

He was not sure of the animal’s age but said it was tested for rabies as a precautionary measure. The test results came back negative. 

KSBY spoke with CEO Kristi Krutsinger on Thursday. She confirmed she had been attacked but declined to provide specifics about what had occurred. 

Hill would not confirm who at the facility was injured in the attack, citing privacy laws, but described their injuries as "very serious."

According to the organization’s Facebook page, it is "a rescue, sanctuary, and training facility for part and full blood wolves. Community education, animal training, as well as wolf tours."

Some of the animals have previously been brought out to various events for meet-and-greet opportunities.

While the rescue has not yet publicly spoken or posted about the attack, they did cancel an event last Saturday due to "unforseen circumstances."

Hill said he did not believe animal services officers had been called out to the facility located on the 2300 block of Adobe Road prior to Friday’s attack.

He says he believes animal services and staff at the facility handled the "unfortunate" incident appropriately. 

Hill added that since the animal had not escaped containment and the public was never in any danger, it is up to the facility to determine when normal operations will resume.