Extreme heat develops into the weekend

Posted at 5:54 PM, Jul 04, 2018

Skies mostly cleared for the Central Coast on Wednesday just in time for the thousands on hand to enjoy the region and fireworks displays.  Temperatures so far this week have been cooler than average.  That comes to an abrupt end before the weekend.  Thursday is the transition day with early low clouds then some high clouds but beaches look to reach into the upper 60s with coastal valleys in the 70s and lower 80s and inland temps in the 90s.  While that is warmer already it is nothing compared to the heat that develops Friday thru the weekend.

Friday inland temps jump into the 105-110 range and stay there into Monday.  At the coastal valleys Friday and Saturday have 100 degree potential and even the beaches will be in the 80s and possibly 90s.  Temps look to cool a little Monday but still be above average.

Offshore winds will be one factor but another is the ridge of high pressure backing into The West.  It looks to vary in strength a bit but linger into mid-month at the least.

This brings heat advisories and fire weather into play.  Everyone shod pay attention to the latest forecasts, avoid peak heat, and stay hydrated.