Numerous fireworks complaints made on Central Coast, few citations issued on 4th of July

Posted at 1:05 PM, Jul 05, 2018

While fireworks shows lit up the sky across the Central Coast Wednesday night, not all of those set off were legal. 

Local police agencies report numerous calls coming in reporting illegal fireworks.

In Santa Maria, reports were in the triple digits, although fire officials estimated minimal citations, if any, were issued.

In Lompoc, reports were made, but unlike the past few weeks, police say "The community embraced our request to report fireworks through the app which kept our business lines and 911 lines clear."

Paso Robles police say some calls were received related to fireworks, but no citations were issued. However, three arrests were made for DUI.

In the Five Cities area, it was flames keeping firefighters busy. Along with an apartment fire in Grover Beach, Five Cities Fire Authority says crews responded to two other fires after 10:15 p.m., one of them being caused by fireworks that had been used, but not properly stored, officials said.