Workers remain cautious during heat wave in Santa Maria

Posted at 12:24 PM, Jul 06, 2018

Work continues for many Santa Maria residents during a slight heat wave ahead of the weekend. 

A work crew from Multi-Cable Inc. is installing fiber-optic cable along Betteravia Road Friday afternoon. 

Many of the workers were seen in long-sleeved shirts and heavy clothing, regardless of the heat.  

Crews told KSBY they were watching over each other and looking for signs of heat exhaustion throughout the day. 

"We’ve got our water jugs coconut water it’s very good for dehydration and just constant breaks as we need them," said Victor Villegas. 

They say they have plenty of water and nearby places to cool off if needed. 

This is a good reminder for other workers and residents spending time outside; watching out for others could help identify heat exhaustion quicker and potentially save a life.