Mild coastal weather into the weekend

Posted at 4:00 PM, Jul 11, 2018

The marine layer made a big return in the forecast.  Inland temps are significantly down and they will stay down for the next few days before creeping back into the mid to upper 90s this weekend.  Coastal temps look to stay mild thru the period.

To our east the monsoon continues to rage.  Yesterday it was flooding in AZ but today there were some reports of flash flooding near Victorville and Big Bear but other than some high clouds and nice sunset skies the local impact will be little to none.  It is possible a sprinkle could move this far west but this is largely elevated activity unlikely to reach the ground here.  Some increase in humidity could take place.

The larger factor in the forecast is the marine layer that I think will expand overnight.  So I think we’ll see more 90s inland Thursday with 60s at the beaches and 70s and low 80s in the coastal valleys.

A bit more breeze into weekend could clear coastal skies a little better but that breeze is associated with a little increase in high pressure which will result in the warming inland I mentioned earlier.

Mid-State Fair is right around the corner in Paso Robles and typical warm temps in the 90s look likely.