Orcutt residents frustrated over algae buildup along streets

Posted at 5:30 PM, Jul 11, 2018

Some residents of the Rice Ranch housing community in Orcutt are voicing concerns over a buildup of algae in the gutters along some streets.

Locals say the algae attracts mosquitoes and they’re worried about the potential health effects. It’s reportedly been happening for about 14 months.

The issue is believed to be related to the neighborhood’s drainage system.

"These drains then flow into these tubes we have in the gutter, they’re PVC… Whenever we have an overflow of water in the yard, such as from rain, we’re gonna have an abundance that flows out into the street because the drainage in the yard is treated to come out into these gutters rather than overflow the yards," explained resident John Dunlap.

Residents along Apple Tree Way took up the issue with the homeowners’ association. The association believes the builder is responsible and is working with a lawyer to resolve the issue.