Law enforcement steps up patrols at Mid-State Fair

Posted at 11:36 AM, Jul 19, 2018

With thousands of visitors heading to the California Mid-State Fair every day, staff are stepping up what they do to keep people safe. 
There are 200 employees at the fair, all trained on what to do if a child is lost or someone needs help.
The fair teams up with local law enforcement to make sure they are patrolling the inside and outside of the grounds. 
When people walk in, they have to go through a bag check search.
Officials say if a child does get lost, parents should go find someone in a yellow shirt, and they can put out an alert to find them. 

"The fair is about family and it’s about having fun," said Michael Bradley, Mid-State Fair CEO. "Safety is first and foremost at our show."

Police say they’re setting up bike and pedestrian safety checkpoints around the fair to make sure people are safe and say anyone who drinks at the fair should plan ahead for a safe way to get home.