Students auction off craftsmanship at California Mid-State Fair

Posted at 7:09 AM, Jul 20, 2018

There is impressive craftsmanship on display at the California Mid-State Fair this year.

High school students auctioned off their work from their time on a welding team at the California Mid-State Fair this week.

Their hard work was appreciated as members of the community 

came out to support them.

Some of the handmade projects include different types of wood work and also welding displays.

These skills are meant to transform into a career path in the future. Welding teaches critical thinking skills and how to work with certain materials, such as metal.

One student, Stephanie Irysh from Paso Robles high school, sold her oversized wooden lawn chair for $1,200.

Organizers hope that this education will help re-staff the industrial career field after the current generation retires.