Lifeguard community mourns 20-year-old Cal Poly student who died while surfing

Posted at 10:35 PM, Jul 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-25 01:35:04-04

Local lifeguards are remembering a Cal Poly student who died while surfing Sunday in the Bay Area.Twenty-year-old Malcolm Feix was on his fifth summer as a California State Lifeguard in Half Moon Bay.The Cal Poly electrical engineering student was set to graduate in 2020, according to his Instagram account.During his time with California State Parks, Malcolm became part of a family."It’s a big family. We stretch the whole California coast but it’s a tight knit family," said Kevin McCall, a California State Parks lifeguard at the Oceano Dunes.Whether it was an acquaintance or a good friend, the 20-year-old made a lasting impact on people."One of our rangers was his junior lifeguard instructor some years back. He’s definitely hurting today," said McCall. "He told me (Malcolm) was a great guy. Even though he was an instructor and lifeguard supervisor, he always looked up to Malcolm."Feix was off-duty on Sunday when he died at Pomponio State Beach in San Mateo County. A good friend and fellow seasonal lifeguard pulled him out of the water.California State Lifeguards released a statement, writing in part:"Our thoughts and prayers are with Malcolm’s family, the Half Moon Bay community, our lifeguard family, and the first responders that worked so hard to save him."A cause of death or what may have led up to Malcolm’s death has not yet been released.California State LifeguardsRelated content:Cal Poly student, off-duty lifeguard dies while surfing in Bay Area