Police investigate recent string of break-ins in Pismo Beach

Posted at 4:10 PM, Jul 24, 2018

Pismo Beach police are investigating a string of home break-ins that occurred over a four-day period.The most recent happened just after 9 p.m. Monday in the Pismo Heights community on Coral Circle.The other two were on Friday afternoon. One was on Wave Avenue, also in Pismo Heights. The other, in the Sunset Palisades community of Shell Beach on Hermosa."Two of them were during the day and one was at night," said Detective Sgt. Dan Herlihy of the Pismo Beach Police Department.Police Beach police say it’s unknown if the crimes are connected but there are similarities."They were all unoccupied residences and forced entry was made through the back of all three residences," Detective Sgt. Herlihy said. "It appears they went in fairly quickly, rummaged through the houses. There were two residences that reported things missing."In at least one of the cases, neighbors say they heard security alarms go off.Grover Beach-based Sentinel Security Solutions says its dispatch report from San Luis Obispo County shows a 20-30 percent increase in recent calls."We’ve actually gone out to a recent crime even just this week where we had a break-in and we had perfect facial features and a good image from the camera system to help identify the person that did break in," said Justin Sherbon, Sentinel Security Solutions CEO/President.The company says with an increase in activity, it’s also seen a recent boost in calls on their sales line for alarms and security cameras.Meanwhile, police are working to figure out who is responsible for the home break-ins."If you see something that’s out of the ordinary, just call us," Herlihy said.The Pismo Beach Police Department says it’s following up on an active lead on the case.