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Sailing along the Central Coast

Posted at 4:43 PM, Jul 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 13:41:52-04

With summer temperatures on the rise, a trip to the ocean may be just the thing to help you cool off.

Looking to beat the heat, KSBY News anchor Scott Daniels recently checked out a local sailboat tour.

At Central Coast Sailing Charters, the boat starts out from Avila Pier and makes its way out into open waters.
Mark Kocina has been sailing his whole life and all around the globe. Now, he gives these 2.5-hour tours that include history lessons of the area and whale and wildlife watching.
When the wind takes care of the speed, there are no vibrations from the motors; just the rolling sensation of the waters. On most days, Kocina says curious whales will swim alongside the boat.

He says the clear, open waters are why he compares the Central Coast to New Zealand and Chile: a pristine place to sail and see wildlife.

"We have a large number of small fish which are the base of the food chain. That’s what brings the whales here, brings the dolphins and the sea lions. Then we have excellent sailing conditions. The prevailing wind here and the angle of it provides a beautiful place for us to sail out into the ocean at a comfortable angle, go 4 or 5 miles out and then return. And the view from 5 miles out is as stunning as anywhere in the world," Kocina said.

Kocina says in September you might see as many as 100 whales from Pismo Beach to Avila. He recommends that’s the best time to go out.
If you want to sail you can go visit
There are plenty of sailing courses you can take around the Central Coast if you’re inspired to give it a go on your own.