CHP recruits new officers with grueling tryouts

Posted at 7:17 PM, Jul 28, 2018

California Highway Patrol is recruiting new officers. On Saturday morning, they put new cadets through a pretty grueling tryout process to see who fits the bill.

CHP hopefuls took a physical ability test, testing their upper body strength and agility.

People who wanted to try out had to sign up ahead of time, and only those that passed the strength test were allowed to come back after lunch to take another test, checking their written abilities.

Officers say they’re looking for people who can not only be a strong law enforcement officer– but someone who helps the community too.

“It’s more than just checks, it’s interacting with their neighbors, their friends’ friends, their employer and employees,” said Jordan Richards, California Highway Patrol. “It’s pretty substantial and it takes several months to make sure who we take on and who we recommend to go to the CHP academy is highly recommended.”

Officials say less than a quarter of the people who sign up to apply to be in CHP actually make the cut.