Lompoc woman going to Redding to help friend who lost home to Carr fire days before wedding

Posted at 5:49 PM, Jul 28, 2018

A Lompoc woman’s visit to her hometown of Redding later this week was supposed to be a celebration of her best friend’s marriage, but instead, she’s bringing aid to her friend, family and community in the wake of the deadly Carr Fire.

"Now it’s just uncertainty, so the best day of her life is now overshadowed by her losing her house," Camille Miele-Green said.

Miele-Green was supposed to be the maid-of-honor in her best friend’s wedding next weekend.

But her friend, Bree, has evacuated with her son and fiance as the massive wildfire rips through Redding.

Just days ahead of the planned wedding, Miele-Green said her friend’s home burned down, along with the wedding venue.

"I know my best friend and I know what she’s going through and I know the devastation she’s feeling is being felt by hundreds and thousands of people up there," Miele-Green said.

That’s why Miele-Green and her husband are still planning to drive up to Redding this week to deliver supplies, like water, clothing and toiletries.

"We’re just going up there to bring food, water, diapers, anything we can," Miele-Green said.

Fire season is nothing new to Miele-Green, who lived in Redding for the first 19 years of her life. But she said this deadly fire is unlike any she’s experienced before.

"It feels devastating because I’m watching all these landmarks I grew up with (burn)," Miele-Green said. "It feels almost eerie because it’s not just seeing a fire on the news, it’s seeing fire in my home town."

Miele-Green is accepting donations of money and gift cards to buy supplies, as well as water, clothing and diapers for families in need.

She plans to go to Redding mid-week to distribute supplies. Miele-Green said she can be reached via Facebookto arrange pickups and drop-offs.