Salvation Army seeks donations for children’s summer camp

Posted at 4:25 PM, Jul 31, 2018

The Santa Maria Salvation Army is seeking donations to help cover the cost of sending dozens of kids to summer camp this year.

Sixty kids are attending the camp in Calabasas which costs about $144,000

Usually, donations from the community help cover the full cost of the program but this year, officials with the Salvation Army say they only received $58,000. They’re now hoping to raise $86,000 to cover the rest of the costs.

"We sent the kids anyway because we didn’t think it was fair us not having the money and not sending them to camp, so we sent them anyway and just, you know, praying and hoping that people will just send in their check to send the kids to camp," said Patricia Torres, Salvation Army Santa Maria Corps Officer.

To make a donation, visit or visit the Santa Maria Salvation Army’s office at 200 W. Cook St.