Community shares ideas on relieving parking crunch in Paso Robles

Posted at 9:24 PM, Aug 01, 2018

Downtown employees and city officials discussed new parking plans for Paso Robles at a workshop Wednesday night. 

Employees believe metered parking and new technology will bring in extra pains for residents.

New technology for parking restrictions will allow parking officers to scan license plates to find out if the driver has moved their car within a block or two into a new parking spot after the meter has timed out, also known as "car shuffling."

Employees are concerned with the lack of parking paired with new ways to fine drivers, while businesses and the city are concerned with the lack of parking for customers when a spot is taken by an employee. 

"There needs to be some sort of incentive to these employees, something to get them out of downtown," one concerned patron said at the workshop. "The solutions of timed and metered, I agree, are going to hurt our businesses."

The workshop, put on by the Downtown Paso Robles Main Street Association, hopes to offer suggestions and solutions to help all parties before new parking stipulations are installed.