Counterfeit money found in Cambria and San Simeon

Posted at 6:16 PM, Aug 03, 2018

Pacific Premier Bank in Cambria is noticing a spike in counterfeit money in the area

Businesses like Linn’s Fruit Bin are no strangers to counterfeit money. General Manager Aaron Linn said they have come across many fake bills in their 30 years of operation.

"When we are so busy, it is difficult to cross-reference and get your pen out on every bill so we’re just open to people cheating the system. It’s hard to check each bill because we get so much cash every day," Linn said.

Pacific Premier Bank initially noticed the counterfeit money and according to Linn, notified him when another business received some. 

Cambria’s Chamber of Commerce sent out an alert to their members based on the bank’s findings – three fake $100 bills and a $20. 

"The thing is they look and feel real to the touch," said Anne Carson, Executive Director of Cambria’s Chamber of Commerce.

If a business doesn’t catch the counterfeit money, they eat the loss.

"Owning a restaurant and a farm and working as hard as our family has been for years, it is difficult to understand how people could cheat others around them who work as hard as us and our 90 employees," Linn said.

For tips on how to spot the difference between real and fake bills,click here.

Pacific Premier Bank has alerted the Secret Service about the counterfeit money.