Trial postponed for former Grover Beach police officer charged in deadly dog attack

Posted at 12:23 PM, Aug 10, 2018

The jury trial for a former Grover Beach police officer charged in connection with a deadly dog attack in 2016 could get underway this fall.

Alex Geiger has been charged with two felony counts of failing to maintain control of a deadly or dangerous animal and a felony charge of involuntary manslaughter following the December 13, 2016 attack that killed David Fear, 64, and seriously injured Betty Long, who was 85 at the time. 

Geiger’s dogs reportedly got out of a gap in the backyard fending of the home he was renting in Grover Beach at the time and attacked Fear and Long, who were neighbors.

One of the dog’s, a Belgian Malinois, was euthanized after the attack. The other dog, a German Shepherd, was transferred out of Geiger’s custody

A preliminary hearing for Geiger’s case was held last year where the judge ruled there was enough evidence to move forward to trial.

The jury trial was set to begin August 13, but was pushed to October after a hearing on Thursday. 

Now, a trial readiness conference is set to take place October 15. Jury selection could then begin the following week. 

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