Cuesta College returns to classes with new president

Posted at 4:15 AM, Aug 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-17 07:15:08-04

Cuesta College is starting off the new school year with a new superintendent president. 

Dr. Jill Stearns was sworn in to her new role in July. Cuesta College students have been back in class since Monday. 

Stearns took over for Dr. Gil Stork who retired in June. 

Stearns was previously president of Modesto Junior College for six years. She says she’s looking forward to providing new opportunities for the school and its students. 

"It is an incredible honor to be here at Cuesta College. I’m so excited about what is happening on campus – to have the construction going on and the new opportunities for students," Stearns said. "We have two new programs we are launching right now: a culinary program and also agriculture in our north county campus; it is just a tremendous opportunity for local students." 

Stearns is the seventh superintendent president of Cuesta College.