Bilingual signs urging visitors ‘not to feed wildlife’ coming to Waller Park

Posted at 4:29 PM, Aug 21, 2018

Informational bilingual signage will be added to Waller Park in Santa Maria, county officials announced Tuesday, to better the wildlife habitat in the area. 

The Santa Barbara County Community Services Department, Parks Division, is in the process of installing two interpretive panels this week, that will ultimately ask Waller Park visitors to avoid feeding birds and other wildlife because it’s illegal and can be harmful to them. 

Experts say feeding wildlife interferes with the natural healthy balance of the populations and habitat. Feeding wildlife can cause animals to become overly aggressive, likely to contract and spread diseases, become malnourished, create migration disruptions, water pollutions, park damages and personal injuries. 

The signage will be in English and Spanish. Parks employees say the new signage will help improve the overall pond and park quality for both human and animals who visit the park. 

Visitors can be fined if they are caught feeding the animals.