18-year-old arrested for auto theft and felony burglary

Posted at 2:53 PM, Aug 25, 2018

The San Luis Obispo County Auto Theft Task Force arrested and 18-year-old after he was stopped for driving a stolen Lincoln MKZ taken from Paso Robles. 

Ricardo Ramirez was stopped on Friday, Aug. 24.

A press release sent by the Paso Robles Police Department said when the task force looked inside the vehicle they found a stolen handgun from a home burglary in Paso Robles. 

The Auto Task Force obtained a warrant to search Ramirez’s home where they found more evidence items. 

Paso Robles Police Department said Ramirez was linked to two additional car thefts and several burglaries and thefts in the city of Paso Robles. 

Ramirez was booked at the San Luis Obispo Jail for three counts of felony auto theft and three counts of felony burglary.