Housing Upgrade: Cal Poly’s new dorms get ready for fall move-in

Posted at 5:32 PM, Aug 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-28 20:32:44-04

Incoming freshmen will have the luxury of an upgraded college experience as Cal Poly completes a new housing facility in San Luis Obispo. 

The university says this is the newest freshman facility that was built since 1970. 

Inside are double-loaded corridors with full kitchens, gender neutral rest rooms, complete partitions for privacy, and LED fixtures – which is a first for university housing. 

The school hopes to add energy-efficient paneling soon to get down to "net-zero energy" in the future. 

The next few weeks are focusing on completing the facility before the new school year begins. 

"The work we have left to do is minimal," said Scott Bloom, the director of facility operations for university housing. "A lot of it is going back and making sure that all of our light/safety situations are met and the fire marshal is happy with the facilities."

Cal Poly says the freshmen community is in need of housing options. 

About 1,400 students needed a spot, and in the past, many freshmen were housed in apartment complexes around campus.

Bloom also says it’s important to note the partnership with the northern Chumash community, who left behind not only the name of the dorm, but a piece of culture to share with the students.