Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Panel discusses future of land

Posted at 9:27 PM, Aug 29, 2018

The Central Coast is facing some major changes when Diablo Canyon Power Plant is eventually decommissioned by 2025.

On Wednesday, the Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Panel held a meeting to talk about what will happen to the land when the power plant closes. Community members gave suggestions about what should happen to the land once it is closed. Some people said the land should be given to a public trust or to State Parks for preservation. Others, including Supervisor Adam Hill, suggested detaching the Wild Canyon Cherry Property. He said detaching the property from the other decommissioning properties would give a chance to make other projects happen.

PG&E was also at the meeting to answer questions about the process. The next meeting will be September 26. That meeting will discuss repurposing Diablo Canyon facilities.