DMV could get additional money to alleviate long wait times

Posted at 7:01 PM, Aug 29, 2018

The California Department of Motor Vehicles could get an additional $16.6 million and potentially more to alleviate long wait times under a budget bill approved by the Assembly.
The DMV has been under fire for hours-long lines officials say are partially due to the rollout of new federally mandated ID cards.
Republican Assemblywoman Catharine Baker says the bill amounts to a blank check for the DMV and chided her colleagues for not speaking out against it. She says the department hasn’t shown it’s doing enough to fix the issue.
The bill gives the director of finance the authority to give the DMV money after notifying lawmakers on various budget committees.
Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting denied the bill is easy money for the DMV and says he shares outrage over the long wait times.
The bill needs final approval in the Senate.