Atascadero Police Dept. temporarily changes tattoo policy, asks for public input

Posted at 12:58 PM, Sep 01, 2018

The Atascadero Police Department is making temporary changes to its tattoo policy and asking for public feedback.

Previous police banned officers from showing any tattoos while on duty. Several months ago, a local officer requested an amendment to the policy. The issue was brought up to the city council, city manager and Police Chiefs across the state, who are considering similar changes.

The department is allowing officers to show tattoos with restrictions from September 1 until November 1, and asking how the public responds. During the trial period, officers will still be banned from showing tattoos on their hands, face, head, ear or neck and can not show offensive tattoos.

Chief Jarel Haley said he believes the department has worked hard to establish respect and goodwill with Atascadero residents and the change represents an openness "to be progressive and keep pace with culture."

The department will be releasing information on its Facebook page to give people a chance to respond.