Art in the Park kicks off in Morro Bay for holiday weekend

Posted at 10:43 PM, Sep 02, 2018

Hundreds of vendors and art exhibitors were in Morro Bay for Art in the Park on Sunday.

Vendors and visitors walked through the event at the Morro Bay Park on Harbor Drive. Art in the Park in Morro Bay sets up for holidays, showing off local art talent, food, and drinks.

Full-time artists set up booths, along with community members who set up shop for the enjoyment.

"It just puts me back in that place where my imagination and my hands are working together to create something of lasting beauty. I work with people in health care and that’s stressful and hectic and a very people-oriented business and this is not, it’s just me and the piece I’m working on and nothing else exists," said Curtis-Albet Poppenberg, a local artist.

Art in the Park continues through Monday.