Goleta woman comes in second on Jeopardy

Posted at 10:47 PM, Sep 12, 2018

A local Goleta woman came in second on "Jeopardy!" Wednesday night, after winning more than $34,000 Tuesday.

Lori Goodman is a non-profit executive from Goleta. Tuesday Goodman held a slim lead going into the "final Jeopardy" round. Contestants faced a question about design, which they all got right, but Goodman wagered just the right amount. 

Host Alex Trebek commended her on her performance at the start of Wednesday’s performance. She got the last question correct but did not wager enough money at the end of the program and lost her title. She took home $2,000 in addition to the money she won Tuesday. 

?Laurie Goodman with host Alex Trebek