SLO County Public Health Department hosts fall prevention classes

Posted at 5:21 PM, Sep 25, 2018

Tuesday was graduation day for a group of seniors in a unique class.  They participated in a “Fall Prevention” class put on by the San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department.

The class met once a week for the past four weeks.  It focused on balance, nutrition, vision, strength, and exercise.

The department says millions of older Americans fall each year, leading to serious injuries and even death in some cases.  Research has shown falling can be a significant negative turning point for an older person’s health.  Experts say it’s critical to teach people how to prevent falls in order to extend the quality of seniors’ older years.

Fall prevention class
Students participate in a Fall Prevention class (KSBY photo)

“It’s benefiting immensely. Sometimes we’ll get participants that say, well I’m not worried about falls, I’ll just be extra careful. But once they start taking the class, they realize there is so much information out there. It’s stuff they can pass along to their family and friends,” said Michelle Zulim-Clark, Health Education Specialist.

The next set of classes is planned for January. For more information, click here.

September is Fall Prevention Awareness month.