California governor signs several local bills

Posted at 4:24 AM, Sep 28, 2018

California governor signs a bill to help homeowners make their homes more resilient against fires.

On Thursday, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that helps homeowners pay for repairs and upgrades ahead of potential wildfires.

The act helps people in high fire hazard areas find energy and water-efficiency improvements, as well as replace roofs, install chimney spark arrestors, and improve windows and vents.

This bill was written by Santa Barbara Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and will go into effect January 2019.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed several other local bills on Thursday that will go into effect next year.

An anti-human-trafficking bill from representative Jordan Cunningham that expands court-issued protective orders for trafficking victims.

Brown signed another bill from Senator Jackson that would expand paid family leave to up to 12 weeks for people in the military.