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Pismo Beach to vote on future of electric scooters

Posted at 4:05 PM, Oct 01, 2018

Another city in San Luis Obispo County will consider banning the use of electric scooter sharing.

On Tuesday, the Pismo Beach City Council plans to vote on an ordinance regarding the popular trend of electric scooter sharing, just weeks after the City of San Luis Obispo denied Bird from bringing its business to the streets of the city.

The Pismo Beach Council Agenda Report advises that electric scooter sharing companies create “safety concerns that have already arisen in other cities,” including hazardous placements on public sidewalks and no providing of helmets, kneepads and other protective wear.

Companies that innovated the scooter sharing layout, including Bird and Lime, allow users to access the transportation via an app on their smartphones. The scooters cost a certain rate per minute and let the users drop off the vehicles wherever they want when their ride has finished.