Coast Unified School District Superintendent retiring

Posted at 11:33 AM, Oct 03, 2018

The Superintendent of Coast Unified School District is retiring.

The district board says it worked on Superintendent Victoria Schumacher’s evaluation at a meeting on September 13, and the evaluation was expected to be complete by October 4. However, the Board and Superintendent Schumacher announced at a meeting Tuesday that the Superintendent would be retiring effective June 30, 2019. The board says this came after long discussions with the Schumacher.

Schumacher will continue working in the position until January 2, 2019. She will be placed on medical leave from January 3, 2019 to June 30, 2019 using her own sick leave. The board will begin looking for a permanent superintendent no later than June 30, 2019. Schumacher will receive a severance payment for three months of salary and health benefits. Her employment agreement was originally supposed to end on June 30, 2021.

In a report, the board said in part “the Board wishes to thank Dr. Schumacher for her commitment to student achievement in our District, and for her work to establish a high-quality curriculum, hire highly qualified teachers, and maintain an excellent staff. The Superintendent has worked tirelessly for the benefit of all our stakeholders, community members, parents, and students.”

The board says students won’t notice any changes as the district looks for a replacement.

Schumacher released a statement saying in part, “for the past 31 years, it has been my privilege to serve California students. From my years as a teacher to my work in shaping curriculum, I’ve strived to give students the foundation they need to follow their dreams. This is very near to my heart. At this time, our district has new needs emerging. That is why at the end of January 2, 2019, I will pass the torch to new leadership and embrace the many opportunities that await me in retirement.”

Schumacher says she plans to publish her first book and spend more time with her daughter and family.